When an artist's first single turns into one of the biggest hits of the year, becomes a global smash and goes on to win a Grammy, the question is always whether or not he or she can match that success.  Well, Lorde, who's just gone through that experience, says she takes comfort in the fact that "Team," her follow-up to "Royals," is also a sizable hit.

Speaking to the Australian Herald-Sun, Lorde says, "It’s comforting knowing I have two singles that went platinum in the U.S.," though she says she was concerned at first that radio stations wouldn't play "Team."  "It's got that weird intro," she tells the paper. "I thought, 'Some radio station somewhere is gonna cut that out.'"  But that didn't happen, much to her delight.

"People have gotten used to me being who I am, being not the typical pop musician," says the 17-year-old New Zealand native. "People are really accommodating of that.”

Lorde, who prefers to be called by her birth name of Ella Yelich-O'Connor, maintains that all her success hasn't gone to her head, either.

"I don’t think I’m any cooler as a result,” Ella tells the paper. "It’s super nice I got given a Grammy but I don’t wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and think, ‘You are looking at a Grammy-winning artist!’ I’m not this crazy freak about it.”

The downside of success, as she's learning, is that her every word -- and tweet -- turns into a news event.

"I don’t know if Twitter’s a good place to vent,” she tells the paper. "Then it turns into a headline. I think I’ll keep my venting for my diary. I’d rather people be talking about me for something I’ve actually done rather than just me running my mouth off.”

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