LifeShare Blood Center is having a blood drive today from 2 til 5 at the Capital One Bank in the Central Mall parking lot 2318 Richmond Road .

Saving a life only takes one hour of your time. You only need to meet some simple requirements. Be between the ages of 17 to 70, be in good general health, and after a minor health check for blood pressure, temperature and a check of your iron level you are good to donate.

Did you know:

  • Approximately one in seven people entering a hospital will need blood.
  • One blood donation, which is usually about one pint of blood, can save up to three lives.
  • Every donation has the potential to save someone’s life.
  • It is good for you to donate blood.  Think of it like changing the oil in your car, its always good to get some of the old blood out that might have too much iron and other minerals in it that can build up and cause health issues.
  • The most requested type of blood is o negative and is considered a universal donor.


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