Liberty Eylau School District  is back-tracking on the threat of disciplining two students over their hair color, which initially claimed was a symbol of gangs. Darren and Carlus Brooks, were checked out of the Liberty Eylau Middel School by their mother Monday after their hair styles were deemed to be gang related. According to the Liberty Eylau ISD handbook, unacceptable hair colors include unnatural colors. They are listed as "pink, yellow, burgundy, blue, etc..." Liberty Eylau Superintendent Nick Blain believed the color of the boys hair was associated with a gang in the Texarkana area. "That was based on a report we got from the police department and our chief of police." Therefore, the school district decided that students who do not remove the dye would be put in an alternative education program. But on Tuesday, Blain announced that the students will not be sent home after all, because the Texarkana, Texas Police Department has since clarified that they are not associating the hair coloring with any kind of gang activity. "We have had no calls of criminal activity where the suspects have any type of coloring in their hair," Texarkana, Texas Police Sgt. Steve Shelly explains. As for the students, there is no going back to Liberty Eylau. Their mother says she has already enrolled them in another school district, one she says "never said anything about my children's hair." To see more about this story go to


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