I just found this thing on Facebook about 'Spirit Pumps' being launched at local Texarkana locations of Road Runner stores and I wanted to fin out more.

The Liberty Eylau 'Spirit Pump' is being launched this Friday from 1 until 2 PM at the Road Runner Store on 7th Street. The cool thing is that the 'Spirit Pumps' will donate 3 cents per gallon purchased back to the school to help fund local school projects, groups, and organizations.

Pleasant Grove had its 'Spirit Pump' launched on March 1st. It is located at the Kings Highway Road Runner location in Texarkana.

Road Runner Facebook
Road Runner Facebook

The Road Runner 'Spirit Pumps' are all over town. If you want to support the Texarkana, Arkansas Razorbacks go visit the Road Runner on Four States Parkway next to Interstate 30. And the Texas High Tiger pump will be open and running next month. It will be at the Richmond Road location of Road Runner.

Road Runner marketing manager Abigail Cerra said they hope to be able to raise money for every program in the schools from journalism to the choir, every gallon you buy is going to help a local school.

So do your part and go fill up at your favorite school's 'Spirit Pump'.

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