Kristen Stewart feels the same about her lack of a Golden Globes nomination as we do when we're forced to sit through more than five minutes of any of her movies: Full of disdain and really upset at the time we just wasted.

A source dished, “Kristen, like any actor or actress, wants their work respected and rewarded. Not being honored with a [Globes] nomination has just lit a fire under her to be work even harder in the future."

But it's cool. Now she might actually learn how to act. (Hint: Feel free to stop biting your lip and to close your mouth fully at any time.)

The insider added, "All the [nominations] haven't been announced for other awards shows, so she may have missed the Golden Globes, but that doesn't mean she has missed out on everything else."

Stewart probably shouldn't hold her breath. The Golden Globes are some of the most generous with nominations -- in fact, sometimes you don't even need talent to be recognized. If she missed out on those, she probably shouldn't anticipate much else.

But there's always the MTV Movie Awards. She and boyfriend Robert Pattinson are usually good for a Best Kiss trophy -- even if he really hates the flicks in which all those liplocks have occurred.