The Academy is free to join just go to and create an account and you are in.

This week is mentor week. What do you want to be when you grow up?
July 18th - Restaurant Owner with the Silver Star Smokehouse 4-5pm.
July 19th - Veterinarian featuring, Dr. James Ward 12-1pm
July 20th -University Staff - Texas A&M University 9-11am
July 21st - Public Office - Texarkana, AR Parks & Recreation 9-11am
July 21st - Medical Field - HealthCARE Express Ark. Blvd. 11am-12pm

The Klondike Academy is for all children from kindergarten through the fifth grade.

Here is their mission statement from the website:

Klondike Leadership Academy is designed to create a spirit of leadership in today’s children. It focuses on core concepts of responsibility, accountability, and taking action in areas like the community, home life, or school. This program encourages children to tackle tasks without being prompted, to help where they can with what they can, and to be an active part of their communities.

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