Previously, Justin Bieber had said that his upcoming album Believe would address "rumors" that were going around.  Now, it appears as though the biggest rumor of all the singer's alleged fathering of a woman's baby is the subject of one particular song on the disc.

According to the BBC, at a promotional event Monday night in London, Justin was asked about the inspiration for the album.  He replied that he'd written "songs like that girl --Mariah Yeater -- who said she was going to have my baby," adding, "I wrote about that situation."

However, since he also said he's recorded about 40 songs, it's not clear if the song about Yeater will make it onto the final version of Believe, which is due out in June.  The Biebs said of the disc, "Every song has a piece of me, it's hard to pick. I wrote almost all of them or co-wrote them."

Last November, Yeater accused Justin of fathering her baby boy Tristyn after a backstage encounter at a Los Angeles concert.  Justin denied the claims, saying he'd never met Yeater, and that her allegations were "crazy," since he's never alone after a concert.  Yeater's former boyfriend later told the press that he was the father of the baby and Yeater was just looking for a huge payout.

Over the weekend, Justin wrote on Twitter, "Dear mariah yeeter ... we have never met ... so from the heart i just wanted to say...." and linked to a clip from the movie Borat, in which Sacha Baron Cohen says, repeatedly, "You will never get this."