All those reports about  Justin Bieber being photographed leaving a brothel in Brazil on Friday may not be entirely accurate.

A source close to the Bieb tells Entertainment Tonight, "The location wasn't a brothel. It was a private club that he got invited to by friends.  It was a members-only type of club."

Justin or someone who appeared to be him was photographed coming out of the location covered by a sheet to avoid the paparazzi.  He reportedly left the place with two women, and they drove back to his hotel in separate vehicles.

There were also reports in the Brazilian media stating that Justin had left his Brazilian hotel and moved into a rented mansion because the hotel wouldn't let bring the two women there; other reports stated that he'd been kicked out of the hotel for "drug use."  However, the source tells ET, "He didn't get kicked out of his hotel, he chose to leave, as thousands of kids surrounded the hotel.  It was becoming a security risk.”

Justin, who was touring in Brazil, didn't respond to the rumors direction on Twitter.  Instead, on Saturday, he tweeted, "hi my name is justin. and 2day i have a job to do. a job i love. im going to b who i am and who i always was."

Of course, that tweet came before his show, during which he stormed offstage after being hit by a water bottle.  Later, however, he tweeted, "We had a good time tonight. brazil goes hard. u all were loud tonight. thanks for the love. it's all love. all the time."