"Career Moves" is a program that is brought to you by The Texarkana Recreation Center and is a chance for you to find a better job in Texarkana.

The "Career Moves" is a free event and they occur at 1 Legion Drive in Texarkana Arkansas. The organizers had this to say about the "Career Moves" events that are going on during the month of August:

This no-cost event is for people looking for an upgrade. "Career Moves' are money moves.

Career moves are happening this month on the following days and times.

August 9th, 10-11 am

August 17th, 6-7 pm

August 25th, 10-11 am

So what exactly will participants get from these "Career Moves" events?

Participants will learn the following how to create a cover page and résumé and how to update a current résumé. Why do you want a good cover letter? Here is what Andrews University careers had to say:

A Cover Letter allows a potential employer to be introduced to you and your resume. It is the first document an employer sees, therefore serving as your first impression and also allows the employer to get a more comprehensive look at who you are and why you are qualified for the job. This being your first impression, you want to take advantage of the opportunity and prepare the reader for your application.

Which résumé tools and resources to use skills.

Etiquette for interviews in person versus virtual interviews

Websites to use were looking for employment and information about upcoming hiring events.

For more information contact 870 779 4964  or 903 823 3012.

The "Career Moves' event is brought to you by the Texarkana Recreation Center in Collaboration with the Educational Opportunity Center at Texarkana College.

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