Jessie J teamed up with Dizzie Rascal and Big Sean on 'Wild,' the first single from her upcoming followup to 'Who You Are.'

Jessie serves as predominantly a hook girl on her own track, singing one verse and then the infectious chorus, "If this is a dream / Then open my eyes / Am I asleep? / No, I'm alive / I just can't believe that this my life / In my fantasy we're running wild."

Meanwhile, producer and songwriter Claude Kelly chatted with Rap-Up about Jessie J's new album, and it's what you've come to expect from the newly shorn singer: a killer voice and fun beats.

"Jessie is doing something that right now would probably be unheard of in that she's not apologizing for big vocals," Kelly said. "It's a lot of big vocals, a lot of vocal tricks, but still huge pop choruses. She's colorful and over the top so you're gonna have that still."

So when can we expect her record? There's not a release date yet, but Kelly assured that it's "98 percent done."

In the meantime, you can tide yourself over with the teaser for her video, set to drop this week.

Listen to Jessie J, 'Wild' Feat. Big Sean + Dizzie Rascal

Watch the Jessie J 'Wild' Video Teaser