Goodbye my lover...goodbye my friend...WAIT, hold on. Don't say goodbye to James Blunt just yet! That's right ladies and gents, he is releasing a new album this fall. 

And if you didn't catch my "Goodbye My Lover" song reference then shame on you. That is probably James Blunt's most popular song.

The pop/rock/folk singer is back in the game! His newest album Moon Landing is set to drop late October/early November and is sure to be amazing. This will only be his fourth studio album in case you were wondering.

Want to know some James Blunt fun facts? Well even if you don't, read them anyway.

  • James served in the British armed forces for nearly six years
  • In 2006, James was nominated for five Grammy's
  • He's from England, just in case you didn't catch that (collective swoon)
  • James earned his pilot's license at age 16
  • He studied sociology in college

So I know you're sad about having to wait until fall to get your hands on this handsome Brit's new music, but I can let you in on his first released single right now! It's titled "Bonfire Heart" and is sure to pull at yours.

Also for an even better James Blunt fix check out the video I've attached!