You have probably never heard of the Texas Bluebonnet Safety Award and that's ok, most haven't. However, if you work for the Texas Department of Transportation, you know this is a pretty big deal. TXDOT announced this week that the Atlanta District is the proud recipient of the 2023 Texas Bluebonnet Safety Award.

TxDOT Atlanta District Engineer Rebecca Wells along with Safety Officer J.J. Singleton were both presented the award by TxDOT Executive Director Marc Williams and Associated General Contractors of America President Stacey Bryant, as pictured above.  It all took place at the annual AGC of Texas Bluebonnet Safety Awards ceremony in Austin in September.

TxDOT and the Associated General Contractors of Texas, give out the Texas Bluebonnet Safety Award to organizations working hard every day to lower incident rates to zero. The program compares the organization’s safety record with other comparable entities.

"Employee safety is one of our highest priorities every day we come to work, and we are honored to once again receive this award," said Wells. “Safety is the first component to putting out a great product for the traveling public,” she said.

“I’m so pleased to be part of the partnership between TxDOT and the AGC," Singleton added. "I’m extremely proud to work in the Atlanta District where the emphasis is always on safety. The AGC provides a good opportunity to put safety first."

Congratulations to hard-working folks in the TxDOT Atlanta District, we appreciate what you do.

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