• Women's Self-Defense Class in Texarkana
  • Learn from a Marine Corps veteran
  • Don't be a Victim

Times are scary and here is a great chance for you to keep yourself and your children safe in a special Self-Defense class that is tailored for women and children.

You can never be too careful and if a situation comes around wouldn't it be wonderful to know that you have the self-defense skills to protect yourself and your kids?

Learn Self-Defensive From a Marine Corps Veteran

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This special class will be instructed by the experienced Marine Corps veteran Laking Harris this Saturday, October 21 from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM. Who better to learn from than a Marine, Right?

Texarkana Yoga has teamed up with Creating A Lasting Legacy LLC for this empowering afternoon learning about special techniques to help keep you from becoming a victim.

What Will I Learn in This Self-Defensive Class?

Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash
Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

According to the Facebook Event page,

 Dive into real-life scenarios with a focus on staying calm in potential violent situations, mastering techniques for escalation and de-escalation, and creating safe spaces for learning.



The cost is $15 per person, plus you'll receive a free yoga pass where you can find out more about the world of wellness at Texarkana Yoga. Texarkana Yoga is located at  2011 Mall Drive in Texarkana.

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If you are interested in a private or group lesson you can go to Texarkana Women Self-Defense Facebook page. You can also go to Creating A Lasting Legacy LLC's website at createall.org or by calling (909) 441-1768. You can also email contact@createall.org

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