Progress can bring growing pains and as the I-30 widening project continues it inches its way closer and closer to Texarkana and higher traffic areas. With that being said we have an update on where construction is taking place on I-30 and the exits and entrance ramps that it will affect.

According to a press release from TxDOT some closures to place last night with others today and tonight.

As of Last Night, Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2021

The closing of lanes on westbound I-30 at the I-30 W/ I-369/US 59 S interchange. The I-30 westbound entrance ramp (in the area of Sam’s Club) from the north frontage road will be closed. They will be working to replace the crash cushion attenuator, install in-lane transverse rumble strips in the main lanes, and install additional pavement markings to identify the lanes for I-30 West and US 59 South. These features will create a visual and tactile change in the pavement to alert drivers of the approaching interchange.

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Today, Thursday, Aug. 19, 2021

Lanes closing of northbound I-369/US 59 at the I-30 interchange to replace the crash cushion attenuator. The exit ramp from I-369 N/US 59 N to FM 559 (Richmond Road) will be closed. Traffic will need to use the US 82 (New Boston Road) exit and follow the frontage road to FM 559/Richmond Road.   Also, the entrance ramp to I-369 N/US 59 N for I-30 from US 82/Sowell Lane/Frontage Road will be closed.

Horizontal shot of a road closed sign.
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On Thursday, Aug. 19, 2021 During the Night

They will be closing lanes on eastbound I-30 at the I-30 E/I-369/US 59 S interchange to do work on the crash cushion attenuator.

Other work in the median section and at the KCS Bridge from North Park Road continues.

Be sure to drive safe and give yourself plenty of time to get to where you are going. Most of all, just be patient with this process it will be well worth it when it is completed!

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