Summer is here and the mosquitoes are out in force. I found a helpful article on Everyday Health that has some simple methods of treating those pesky bites from mosquitoes.


Garlic-This simple ingredient is found in almost every home and the cloves have a soothing effect on your bites.

Onion-I know onion? but they say the chemicals in the onion help with the itching.

Salt paste-A little paste made from salt and water helps dry the bite out as well as curb the urge to itch.

Vinegar-A little bad on a cotton ball can help. But if you are like I am and get mosquito bites by the handful a couple of cups in a bath will help sooth your skin from the viscous attack.

Aloe Vera-It is good on soothing sunburns and it is equally effective on taking the burn and itch of that bite away as well.

Raw Honey-This is almost pure gold. It helps in the healing and it is also great in helping with the itch. Be careful for the sticky side effects.

Basil-Raw basil has some anti inflammatory benefits for those bites.

Mouth wash- Mouthwash contains menthol which is a cooling agent  and makes the itch go away.

Dry Bar of Soap-Rub some on your bite, but if you go back outside remember to rinse it off so the sweet smell of your 'Irish Spring' doesn't attract more mosquitoes to you.

Toothpaste-It dries out the bite and helps the itching subside.


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