According to restaurant owners and professionals, tipping for workers has decreased due to the pandemic. 

One of my absolute biggest pet peeves is people not tipping or tipping way below 15% or 20%. Even when I've received horrible service, I will still tip the waiter or waitress at least 15%. I'm a little sensitive to the whole trip thing because my daughter worked in serving in high school and college. And I know that TIPS are the only way they really make any money. I know and understand how crucial these tips are for these workers

According to a One Fair Wage report restaurant workers said they've seen their tips decline amid the pandemic and have even experienced an increase in sexual harassment including male customers making lewd remarks to female customers, such as...

Take off your mask so I know how much to tip you.

That's a hell of a lot to deal with for pennies. So, how much should you tip a restaurant worker? Saru Jayaraman, the president and co-founder of One Fair Wage suggested tipping 20% or more for a full indoor dining experience.

They’re the only essential workers being asked [by some customers] to remove their protective gear just to get their income. So it’s got to end.”

Since the pandemic, I dine in very rarely. For me it's just now worth the hassle of dodging COVID with mask, sanitizer ever 10 seconds and just overall feeling germy. I have resorted to more curbside pickup and delivery (which will be my next blog). However, when I dine in, I tip the same as I did pre-COVID. Why? Because the decision to dine in was MINE and if I can't tip correctly then perhaps I shouldn't dine in at all.

I can recall a night my daughter received a check for $0.00 because any time an order was sent back, that money would be split between the wait staff and the cooking staff and would be deducted from their checks.

So, friends if you're going to dine in at a restaurant have some consideration and compassion for the person trying to make your experience a good one. AT LEAST tip 15%. Anything less, should make you feel ashamed. Times are challenging for us all.

And to the restaurant owners.... Those making lewd comments and sexually harassing the waitresses should be put on a "do not dine" list.


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