The price of everything is going up and as a parent of a five year old, this comes as a little shocking to me.

According to an annual survey by Visa, in 2013, kids are getting an average of $3.70 per lost tooth from the Tooth Fairy.

That is a 23% increase from last year, when kids were averaging $3 ,and up 1,480% from when you were lucky to get a quarter when I was a kid.

Why is the price going sky high so fast?  Apparently, it's because parents don't want other parents to think they're cheap. Parents know kids will talk to each other about what they got from the Tooth Fairy, and all the kids will tell their parents that their friends got 5 bucks for their tooth.

Visa also put together a calculator where you can figure out the approximate going rate for a tooth, based on where you live and what you make. Here is the Facebook page to help you. Tooth Fairy Calculator on Facebook.