Ladies, how many guys did you kiss and how many did you date before you finally found the right one? That may take some time to remember and add up the numbers so get a pen and notepad out to get a good estimated number then read the results of the survey below to see how your life compares to others.

The average gal smooches 22 different people before settling down.

Ladies also have an average six one-night stands, get dumped four times and dump someone five times.

One in five had a child with someone else and most had lived with two men before finding Mr Right.

But the good news was that when they did meet the right man they were likely to know within the first 4 weeks.

On average women said they had their first boyfriend at 15 and that they had a lot of regrets with how they had handled things in their love lives.

Men in comparison kissed an average of 23 girls, had 10 one night stands and their heartbroken 6 times. They were more likely to get dumped and more likely to get cheated on as well.

Fifteen percent of women said they wound up with a stalker after a bad date or bad relationship.

The typical woman dated nine guys with including three being long-distance relationships.

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