A recent study came out listing all 50 states on how educated they are. Which by the way has really nothing to do with intelligence or at least that's what I keep telling myself.

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So, this is not a list or study that says people in one state are more intelligent or smarter than another state. Thanks to Wallethub.com this list actually looks at the state's quality of education, the state's average of how many people go on to higher education, educational attainment plus achievement gaps between genders and races. They mixed it all up and scored all the states against each other. Where do you think Arkansas, Texas Oklahoma and Louisana might be on this list?

Unfortunately, we weren't in the top ten or even the top 30.

Texas, The Lone Star State Comes in at #39



32% of adults with at least a Bachelor's Degree

According to Wallethub.com, the quality of education in Texas ranking is high at #15 but getting the kids to finish high school? Not so much. Therefore a lower score than you'd think.

Oklahoma #40

Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash
Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

27% of adults with at least a Bachelor's Degree

Another pretty good score on education at #23 but this state lost traction with the number of people at the university level and brought the state's total score down.

Arkansas comes in at # 47?

Mario Garcia
Mario Garcia

24% of adults with at least a Bachelor's Degree. And here's where it gets worse, not only is Arkansas low in the number of people with degrees, the education is ranked low too. Wallethub says that Arkansas comes in with the 5th lowest university quality in the country. Moneywise.com said

None of its highest-rated schools reach the top 250 of Forbes’ list, with the University of Arkansas taking the top spot at No. 271

Really? Oh who cares, Arkansas' got spirit and lots of it! And at least we aren't Lousiana because they come in at 48!

Lousiana is #48

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The study showed that Lousiana has a high number of kids not finishing high school. Which of course means it has a high population of people without a high school diploma, but Texas is even worse on this subject. But Lousiana's education ranked low too and this is why this state is so low on the list.  But once again at least it's not last! Lousiana still beat West Virginia and Mississippi.

The Top 5 States Were:

1. Massachusetts

2. Maryland

3. Colorado

4. Vermont

5. Connecticut

Check out the rest of the study here!

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