Taco Bell is giving away a Doritos Loco Taco on Thursday, November 1st from 2 til 6.

Why are they doing this? They have a promotion that says if anyone steals a base in the world series games one and two they will offer a free taco for everyone from 2-6pm on November 1st. If anyone steals a base in games three through seven they will give a taco on November 8.

In game 1 Boston Red Sox player Mookie Betts stole second base in the 1st inning and gets the country a free taco on Thursday. Taco Bell says:

With his stolen base in the World Series, Mookie Betts cements himself among the elite list of baseball stars known as the 'Taco Heros".

So you need to make sure you have taco Thursday next week instead of taco Tuesday and get your free taco November 1st.

Game three is tonight at 7 PM.

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