We don't even need to tell you how amazing and perfect Ryan Gosling is, but we're going to do it anyway.

First of all, he has an adorable dog named George, and he shaves his hair into a mohawk because that's how George likes it. And Ryan Gosling is Canadian, so ... flannel.

Then there's the band he's in, Dead Man's Bones, and if you haven't heard their album, you really should look into that -- Gosling sings with a choir of kids and he taught himself on the spot how to play instruments he'd never played before, usually only giving himself and his bandmate five takes to get it right.

When he dates a lady, he takes her to Disneyland. It's his favorite place, so you better like Mickey Mouse and spinning teacups, okay?

And also, just like Emma Stone said in 'Crazy, Stupid, Love,' he looks effing photoshopped. Like, he can't even be a real human because no human looks so perfect and beautiful, but here we are and he exists, so clearly we've been doing something right with that whole evolution thing.

Our Baby Goose (that's his nickname) looks good with or without clothes on, which is pretty important. Men in sweaters can be just as sexy as shirtless men, or even sexier. We just really appreciate a guy who can wear the hell out of some damn clothes, you know?

Glasses. Have you seen him in glasses? Your world will be different. Look at the GIF below. Now look back up here.

Do you even know a guy who can pull off a tank top? No, you don't. If you say you know a guy who can wear a tank top, you are a lying liar of lies. There is not a single non-Calvin Klein-model on this planet who can wear a tank top, but Ryan Gosling can. (And believe me, I live in Austin where guys think they can wear tank tops, but they cannot. I am here to tell you they cannot do it.)

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Ryan Gosling and George the dog
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