Here is the latest briefing that was broadcast yesterday from Arkansas on the COVID-19 coronavirus.
In the video, the total count of patients is now at 426 with 43 hospitalized. The governor stated that the acceleration rate for Arkansas is much slower than for other major cities like New York, and New Orleans. He said that the citizens practicing good discipline with social distancing, and limiting their gatherings was a major contribution to the low numbers. The official number of deaths from the coronavirus is 6.

Dr. Nate Smith went into details on the 426 cases including 15 cases that are children and 135 of these over 65. He went into detail that 69 of these cases that were contracted from domestic travel. Currently, there are 43 hospitalized which is 5 less than Saturday. The good news is that 28 have recovered. The number that I found surprising is that of the 426 current cases 67 are health care workers.

Dr. Smith stressed the importance of social distancing especially at the grocery store where people tend to get too close together especially in the checkout lines.

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