Did you know that high schools in our area compete for scholarship money from LifeShare Blood Center by holding blood drives? With schools closed the high schools that in the past have hosted blood drives now need to rely on the community to find another place to host the drives.

Thursday, May 14 there is a community blood drive set up for Hooks High School to help reach its goal. This blood drive will help the school reach its LifeScholar Scholarship goal and will be held at the LifeShare Blood Center at 4020 Summerhill Road from 10AM to 4PM.

LifeShare Blood Center
LifeShare Blood Center

How does it work? Each school has a goal to obtain for the year.  That goal is based on the enrollment for each school as to how many collections they will need to get the scholarship.

The scholarship awarded by LifeShare is:

$500 – 45% of enrollment

$750 – 60% of enrollment

Each school has 3 blood drives a year but since the last blood drive was cancelled due to schools closing, the schools are falling short of the goal to meet the scholarship requirements.  That is why LifeShare is setting up blood drives off school campuses to help the schools reach their LifeScholar Scholarship goal.

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