Seventy-three year old Houston resident Margaret Jackson earned the nickname “Gangster Granny” after she fended off a man attempting a home invasion.Jackson had just arrived home when she says her dog heard a noise outside.  Jackson grabbed a pair of scissors, a large BBQ fork and went to the back door to investigate.  Jackson says she opened the door and discovered a teenage boy who began pushing her.

Jackson says the two struggled for a brief time, and she managed to stabbed him in the neck with the BBQ fork as he turned to flee.  Jackson recalls, "He was pushing on me. He turned around. And when he turned around. That's when he messed up. I got him right in the neck."

Jackson’s daughter called 911, and when police officers arrived they dubbed her the “Gangster Granny.” The suspect is still at large but Jackson believes she got her message across.  "Well he gonna go tell all his friends so they don't come here. Don't go there because you're subject to get killed with a fork," Jackson said.