It may very well be the first time in history that a man announced to his wife that she is pregnant.The crafty plot involved a toilet, an early wake up, and a high tolerance for a loved-one's urine.

The Texas couple is known only as Sam and Nia on their YouTube video. It seems Sam knows Nia gets up to urinate during the night, but doesn't flush for fear of waking up their kids. So Sam managed to sneak into the bathroom after she made a trip, and was able to dip a pregnancy test into the freshly used water.

He films the entire thing and his own reaction when he learns he's going to be a daddy is priceless. He then toys around with Nia for a few minutes before breaking the news. Her reaction is equally priceless. And a bonus? This just happens to be the same couple who made internet viral status by filming themselves lip-synching to "Love Is an Open Door" from Frozen while in their mini-van with their daughter looking bored in the back seat. (Metro)

Update: The couple unfortunately announced on their you tube channel that they had a miscarriage.

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