Game of Thrones Season 7 brought with it expected additions to the opening credits, including an animated Oldtown. One change that went largely unnoticed, however, was a significantly more winter-y Wall that could prove a major plot point for The Night King’s entry into Westeros.

Before you start hoarding dragonglass, it’s fair to note that we still know relatively little of the White Walker advance, or the exact magic that enables The Wall to keep them out. Season 7’s premiere offered at least two cryptic visions on the subject, between Bran’s glimpse of wight giants marching through a somewhat less snowy landscape, and The Hound’s fireside vision of a castle, an arrow-shaped mountain and the dead marching near “where The Wall meets the sea.”

Those geographical hints are vague enough that not even die-hard Game of Thrones fans know their exact meaning, but a few Reddit eagle-eyes and BuzzFeed noticed one explicit change to the opening credits that might fit:


Did you catch it? That’s the camera pulling away from The Wall in Season 7, and here’s what it looked like in earlier seasons:


It stands to reason that winter coming would change the map – starting with The Wall and above – but it’s admittedly hard to ignore the frozen waters providing a path for The Night King and his army. We don’t know that the undead have issues with water (there’s any number of reasons they declined to pursue survivors of “Hardhome”), nor do we know if The Wall’s magic extends beyond its physical construction. After all, would it have been so hard for the dead to build boats, if water was their problem?

We also know from the trailers that Jon Snow will be venturing up north again (and note the more specific structures now present) but might the credits change provide a clue, or merely artistic license? Stay tuned for the latest on Game of Thrones Season 7 in the meantime, including Sunday’s “Stormborn.”