According to a new survey, women get annoyed with each other because of Facebook. The biggest annoyance is what they hear from their friends. A major source of aggravation is the ones who complain on Facebook. What could you be doing that irritates your friends?Posting your political views is not what your girl pals want to hear either and they are also sick of your heavy bragging when they know their life isn't so great anyway. If you want to keep your friends, don't post annoying stuff.

Here are some Facebook "types" that people find annoying:

The Documentarian -- The friend that keeps you updated on EVERYTHING.

The Drama Queen -- She loves to be in panic mode.

The Proud Mama -- They always post stuff about their kid(s).

The Incessant Liker -- They never met a Facebook post they didn't like.

The Slactivist -- Facebook can't save the world but they think it can.

The Poser -- Even if their life isn't perfect, they tell the Facebook world that it is.