When Miley Cyrus and her Bangerz tour hit Las Vegas this past weekend, the singer took the lyrics of her hit "We Can't Stop" to heart. Insiders tell the Las Vegas Sun that Miley and her crew spent eight hours gambling at the MGM Grand, and walked away with more than a couple grand for her troubles.

An insider tells the Sun's Robin Leach that Miley and her party, a group of 15, "started [gambling in the] early afternoon, and it continued until she went off to [the popular Vegas show] Beacher’s Madhouse to party at night.”  She ended up winning more than $2,000 at the casino's high stakes tables, according to to Leach, despite the fact that she was reportedly hitting the booze the entire time.

The insider dishes, “They were partying while playing. They were partying before they ever got to Beacher’s Madhouse. Once she got there, the partying just picked up even more. Everybody was hammered until they called it quits.”  That was around 2 a.m. meaning that Miley and her crew partied nonstop for nearly 12 hours.

That night, when Miley took the stage for her concert, she told the audience, "“I have never performed with a hangover before. All thanks to Beacher’s Madhouse, it was the best party in the world!"

On Sunday night, Miley was in Los Angeles to attend her new BFF Madonna's annual Oscar party.  According to E!, Miley and Madonna were spotted hitting the dance floor together at the bash, which was held at the home of Madonna's manager.  The two performed together during Miley's MTV Unplugged special.