Hard to believe it's almost October and that means fall festivals, lots of special events and of course Halloween. The hunt is already on to find the most unique Halloween contest humanly possible. But what about our nonhuman furry friends? Do you plan on dressing up your family pet this October 31 for a little trick or treating?

Your pet may not like being dressed up in a costume you picked out unless of course it's a matching costume. Treats on the other hand are a different story. Your pet would probably love that.

Halloween costumes for pets are on the rise and humans are spending more money than ever on pet costumes, more than they spend on themselves. So what's the fascination of dressing up your dog or cat for Halloween? Most people say, they're like our extended family, they deserved to be spoiled just like our kids especially from owners who have no kids. But the question begs to be answered. Does your dog or pet really want to be Super Dog?

I can remember one year dressing my dog up like Superman red cape and all, no tights though. Then one year he had the hot dog costume, which was really cute and funny. This year, since his name is Elvez, maybe I'll dress him up like the King of Rock n' Roll and get him to bark "You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog." Just a thought.

Just keep in mind that when buying a pet costume to make sure it is safe for them to wear. The costume should be lightweight, durable, breathable, non-restrictive with nothing on it that a pet could easily choke on. By the way Petco has some great costumes and accessories.

Check out these series of videos of pet costumes.