We asked the question where do you eat most of your meals and the answers you gave us on Facebook actually surprised me.

Power 95-9 Facebook
Power 95-9 Facebook

The reason I asked this question is two-fold. I found a story on the internet from The Atlantic that article says that most American families do not eat dinner at the table on a regular basis. As you can see from some of the comments the listeners still have dinner at the table for the most part, with the living room coming in second.

At my house with a wife and two kids that are 10 and 7 and the pace of our lives dinner at the table is a rare occurrence. When I was a kid my dad made it a point to have dinner together as a family as often as he could. I can remember in the summer keeping an eye on the time so that I could be home for dinner.

After talking to my daughter Addy about how things were when I was a kid, she took it upon herself to make sure we had dinner together at least a couple of times a week. It is still hard to do sometimes but she reminds me that we need to be together.

Where do you have your dinner?

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