Did you know that Texarkana made the national news? It was a feature of the CBS news show 'Early Morning' and the video is a quick look at how it was just a few years ago in our town.

I found this old video of Hannah Storm doing an interview with the two Texarkana Mayors on the positives of Texarkana. You can see the old Blockbuster Video and local favorite Bryce's cafeteria.

In the video, Hannah goes into the situation of the Texas side being dry when it comes to liquor sales and being able to smoke in buildings in Arkansas. I cannot get over how old the video looks. It looks like it was the 80's.

Of course, no trip to Texarkana would be complete without a stop to the Post Office downtown. It is one of the few post offices to occupy two states and is popular because of the photographers' island.

I looked everywhere and cannot find out the exact date this was filmed. If you know please share it with us in the comments,

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