Power 95-9 and Miller Bowie Supply's "Social Distancing Scavenger Hunt" is complete and we have our winners.

Our winners had to simply follow the instructions on the post and send us their photos. This is what they had to do to win the great prizes.

1) Take a picture of family game night.

2) Take a 'selfie' of your bad hair,

3) Take a picture of a quarantine project.

4) Take a picture with your food delivery driver.

5) Show us the first place you will go to when it reopens.

6) Take a 'selfie' with your kids or pets.

7) Take a 'selfie' in your favorite comfy clothes.

Congratulations to our grand prize winner Tonya Mcdonald. She wins a $100 Visa Gift Card.

The Second place winner, Jerry Garret will get a $40 Gift Card to Texas Road House.

The Third Place winner Wendy Arterberry will get a $20 Gift Card to Silverstar Saloon.

Our Fourth Place winner, Brooke Jester receives a gift basket of Dr. Pepper, Powerade, and Monster Energy Stuff including a Monster Energy Bluetooth speaker. Backpack, girls and guys shirts, and Dr.Pepper drinks.

The Fifth Place winner, Erin Hobson will receive  A 'Texas Themed' gift basket.

Miller Bowie Supply and Power 95-9 want to congratulate our winners and thank everyone who entered the contest.

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