A year ago, June 23, 2012, Carly Rae Jepsen's song "Call Me Maybe" hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 after a climb of several months.  It went on to stay there for an amazing nine weeks, was subsequently named Billboard's Song of the Summer and became the best-selling single of 2012 worldwide.  So how does Carly feel now, looking back on a year in which her life changed utterly?  "There's not even enough time to process it all," she says.

"In some ways, it feels like in 10 years has gone by, just with the amount of things we packed into one year," she say's "There were so many experiences that I can kinda retire now and sit back on my rocking chair and just be like, 'And remember that time....?'  But at the same time, it happened so fast that it feels that it was just yesterday."

"I can remember being, like, 'Billboard, nine weeks, ohmigosh!'" she adds, saying that it "feels crazy" to her that the one year anniversary of that milestone has arrived.

But even though by now she's performed "Call Me Maybe" approximately eleventy-billion times, Carly says she still loves the song that made her a star.

"I do," she says. "For me, it's hard not to be thankful that I had that first introduction song with a tune that is something that I wrote, and with something that feels like it's representative of my lighter, more carefree, happy side."

Of course, since then, Carly's released her debut U.S. album Kiss, as well as several other singles include the top 10 hit "Good Time" and toured the world with Justin Bieber.  But, she says,  the important thing that the "Call Me Maybe" craze has done for is give her the opportunity to make more music.

"I think the thing that most excites me now, just from the year of getting out there with the tune and the album, is taking all those lessons, from the writing and the touring, and really hunkering down, and taking some time off and coming up with what's next, and the new album," she says.  "I'm almost scared to say it, but that's definitely what I'm thinking about!"