At our house taking off your shoes the minute, you come inside is just something we did as kids. My mother is Japanese and it is tradition to take off your shoes at the door so we followed that practice.

Here is some information for the New England journal of medicine on coronavirus and how long it can live on different surfaces:

Coronavirus can live on cardboard for 24 hours and on stainless steel and plastic for up to three days. Studies have shown the virus can remain on synthetic materials used in shoes for as long as five days. Frequently touched surfaces like taps, phone cases, door handles, computer keyboards and toilets should be cleaned using bleach or alcohol solutions of at least 70 percent alcohol.

This is what a family doctor from San Diego, Georgine Nanos, told the Huffington Post Australia:

The likelihood of footwear carrying COVID-19 increases if it has been worn in heavily populated areas, like offices, shopping centers, trains, buses, and airports.

So kicking those shoes off at the door is a good idea. Make sure you are being safe with all of your interactions with people at grocery stores, and even take out restaurants.

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