You can save a lot of money if you shop for certain items at the right time of the year. Hit the holiday decorations right after the holiday. Get seasonal clothing at the end of the season. What about computers, furniture, cookware or memberships?

According to, here are some things that can be great deals to buy in April:

Gym Memberships -- Because this is the slow season for gym memberships, gyms offer deeper-than-usual discounts.

Rain Gear -- Stores stock up on rainwear, but the season isn't very long. Look for sales on rain coats, hats and umbrellas later in the month.

Office Furniture -- Some people starting new home businesses wait until tax season is over on April 15th, and office supply stores often schedule their sales on large pieces of office furniture to catch this wave.

Vacuum Cleaners -- Stores know that spring cleaning demands a good vacuum, so they clear out their stock to make room for the new models.

Cookware -- With weddings coming up and the graduation season looming, merchants traditionally offer some sweet sales on cookware in April.

Laptop Computers -- The latest, fastest computers are finally on store shelves, which means loads of deals on last year's laptops.