With 13 live bands in Texarkana this weekend you will certainly find a style of music to meet your taste.

I have included some youtube videos as well so you can not only see what these bands look like and how they sound. Let's see who is playing in Texarkana this weekend.

Redbone Magic Brewing Redbone has great food and of course some of the best craft beer in Texarkana. Friday night "Phil Osborn and Living Proof" will take the stage.

At La Fogata you can experience a big weekend full of great music. Tonight you can check out "Aaron Ferrell" Friday night "The Mo Betta Band" takes the stage and Saturday night "Richard Cook" brings his Elvis act to the stage. LaFogata is located on Genoa Road just off of 49.

Fat Jacks has some great food and the entertainment this weekend is great. "DJ Bryan" will be there tonight. Friday night you can enjoy "The Stand Alones", and Saturday you can check out Cass Counties' own "Captain Joe Band".

Twisted Fork will have "Alex and Liv" playing Friday night.

Whiskey River is one of the only places to kick up your boots and do a little dancing. You will find "The Shelton Band" there on Friday night.

The Hideout is the newest spot in downtown Texarkana and has  "White Trash Wannabees" on Friday night. Saturday night you can check out "The Laroux".

67 Landing has an awesome atmosphere and seafood and some great steaks too. Saturday night you can see Texarkana's own "Trophy Husband".

The 1923 Banna Club is one of Texarkana's newest spots and they have a treat for you this weekend. You can see the "Don Colquitt Trio" perform Friday and Saturday night you can see "Travis Mathews".

If you know of any other bands playing in Texarkana and the surrounding area please let us know so we can add them to the list. And if you are a band that is scheduled to play in Texarkana send me a link to your youtube page so I can include your performance videos in the story.

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