Bachelor in Paradise is allegedly facing a hell of a scandal ahead of the premiere of the show's fourth season: the ABC favorite has reportedly shut down after contestants got a little too sexy in the pool.

According to TMZcontestants DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios were urged by production to strike up a romance for Season 4 — both were considered villains from previous Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons, which producers thought audiences would find interesting. But things apparently went too far at the bar at the Mexican resort where the cast was staying, and some "intense rubbing" and "touching" between the lovebirds amounted to...uhhhh...a whole lot more when they decided to take things to the pool. Tongues were involved!

The report says Jackson and Olympios were actually cool with each other the day after the tryst, and were enjoying their time together when they were summoned by the Executive Producer, who said a field producer had complained about the conduct in the pool, and claimed the moment was way too "uncomfortable." The producer filed a complaint with Warner Bros. Warner, and Jackson and Olympios were immediately released from the show. Shortly after, the entire cast was released, too, while the production was investigated for "misconduct."

TMZ adds that much of its reporting is Jackson's own account of events, and that the reality of what happened may be very different.

Bachelor of Paradise is still scheduled to premiere in August.

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