The Atlanta Texas Police Department is looking for a man with an active arrest warrant. But they need your help, have you seen him?

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The Atlanta Police Department posted on their Facebook page that they are looking for  Jack Kory Laird he has an arrest warrant for the felony offense of Sexual Assault. They  stated in the post;

Efforts in checking his last known addresses have proven to be less than fruitful.


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Have You Seen This Man?

Jack Kory Laird is a 44-year-old white male who stands 6 feet tall and weighs around 250 lbs. He has blonde hair and blue eyes.

His last known address was in Texarkana, Arkansas

Atlanta Texas Police Department
Atlanta Texas Police Department

Does he look familiar? Have you seen him or know where he is? If you see this man the police say to please use caution and call the Atlanta Police Department (903) 796-7973  immediately or your local police department.

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