Do you need an excuse to drink beer? Let me rephrase that, do you need an excuse to drink on the job? According to a recent study, alcohol can be pretty good for creativity. Think about it, how many brilliant ideas or inventions have you came up with after a few adult beverages? 

There have actually been studies that show while getting too drunk is obviously not the path to creative productivity, being a little drunk is actually good for getting the creative juices flowing (so to speak). Beer or other alcoholic beverages help you relax and not over-think things. SWEET! According to First We Feast, the ideal blood-alcohol level for creativity is .075, which is just under the legal limit of .08. There is a Danish brewery that has created a beer called the Problem Solver. There are marks on the bottle that show you exactly how much you should drink based on your weight to get to the .075 mark.