Another Excuse to Drink Beer
Do you need an excuse to drink beer? Let me rephrase that, do you need an excuse to drink on the job? According to a recent study, alcohol can be pretty good for creativity. Think about it, how many brilliant ideas or inventions have you came up with after a few adult beverages?
Let’s Try Moonshine For The First Time! [VIDEO]
Moonshine. Firewater, White lightning, Rotgut, whatever you call it it brings up visions of an illegal prohibition treat. I have always been intrigued by the history of moonshine, and trying real shine. It exists, but these days it's much easier to find from legit, above board manufactures. So …
Southern Comfortable, or Not? [VIDEO][POLL]
I watched the pay-per-view UFC fights this weekend, and they kept airing these Southern Comfort ads, over and over.  At first I thought, "there is no way that makes me want to purchase that product", but now, I want some Southern Comfort... and a Speedo.