This event will be the third annual suicide prevention walk held in Texarkana in honor of Matthew Gaines as well as many others. There is no fee to participate. The purpose of the walk is to raise awareness and to help prevent suicide in the Texarkana area.

The walk is scheduled for Saturday, October 24 at Bobby Ferguson Park in Texarkana, Ark. Chances are, you or someone in your family knows what it is like to lose a loved one to suicide. This event will help bring awareness to the community as well as help educate those who attend. Educational material will be available at the walk and a balloon release will be held in honor of those who have lost their battle and succumbed to suicide.

I remember a friend of mine in junior high who committed suicide. He was always a happy person, or so I thought. He did not seem depressed. Every memory I have of him involves an infectious smile. You never know what a person is dealing with behind the front they may put forth. Attend this event and learn how to spot the signs of depression and help a friend in need.

Annual Suicide Prevention Walk
Annual Matthew Gaines Suicide Walk of Texarkana

Visit the Third Annual Matthew Gaines Suicide Walk on Facebook for more event information. If you need more information about suicide prevention visit National Suicide Prevention Lifeline online or call the hotline 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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