It's been a few years since we have checked in with our friends at the Alligator Farm & Petting Zoo in Hot Springs, Arkansas, so we ran up there Saturday to look around and pet some goats, talk to the lemurs, and hold a real live alligator... and yeah, it's always "worth the drive".

I call this guy Boss Gator, he's easily 6 to 7 feet long and just huge. When he got out of the pool, everyone else did too.

Boss Gator - JimWeaver

They have a beautiful Mountain Lion named Tio, we got there just in time to watch the feeding ritual. The girl caretaker would run one way and the big cat would run along with her, she would run back the other way and the cat would quickly follow her back to the feeding table. She did that several times giving the lion some exercise and then handed over some delicious raw chicken. That table she is resting on below is her feeding table, she was quite happy after her meal.

Mountain Lion - JimWeaver

These two tortoises were having a feast when we arrived, not sure but I think it was green onions, whatever it was, they loved it.

Over in the petting area, there are three emus, they also have a separate cage with a bunch of emu babies in it.

There were a couple of donkeys... funny story: When my wife and I were over petting and taking pictures in the baby goat pen one of these donkeys let out a Honkshee, Honkshee, (if you don't know the Honkshee story, click here)... my wife said, in a loud voice I might add; Hey honey, they're singing the song of your people! Everyone laughed, good times, good times.

Look out below! Baby goat cuteness to follow:

Not quite as baby goat, but still cuteness.

What happens when your little angel or service creature jumps out of its basket or your arms into the gator pens? Thus...

Fancy chickens.

Ugly turkeys, isn't that an oxymoron? They sure taste good but they sure ain't pretty, except maybe to other turkeys.

Sunning and waiting for something tasty to fall into its mouth no doubt.

Cute lemurs, in this pic are a mother and child. I was shocked at the size of the baby lemur's feet, they were huge.

They have a beautiful Timberwolf named Tinkerbell. It was her feeding time as well but she just wanted to play "catch me if you can". It was great fun to watch.

One more thing before we go I must hold the little gator, and so I did.

As always, we had a fine time with the animals, my wife has been going to this place since she was a little girl, we won't mention how long that's been. But the place has been in business for over 100 years. If you haven't been, it truly is... "Worth the Drive".

Alligator Farms & Petting Zoo

Adults $9
Kids 12 and under $7
Kids 2 and under FREE

Check them out online for feeding times, group rates and more.

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