On Friday, Adele announced that she and her boyfriend Simon Konecki are expecting their first child together. In February, Adele told People magazine that she wanted to have three kids by the time she was 30, so perhaps it's not so surprising that she's getting started now, at age 24.  But it wasn't that long ago that the prospect of being a young and unwed mother spelled "loser" to the Grammy-winning singer.
In 2008, Adele told ABC News Radio that if she hadn't been able to leave her inner-city London high school and transfer to the BRIT School, a performing arts academy whose alumni include Leona Lewis, Amy Winehouse and Jessie J, she likely would've ended up knocked up and jobless.

"I went to, like, one of the roughest state schools in the U.K., in London and it was awful," Adele told ABC News Radio.  "And if I hadn't left, I would have been a young mum.  I wouldn't have any qualifications."

Adele, who at that point had released her successful debut album 19, added, "Luckily, I got out of it and was productive and now I've done something."  She noted, "Even if this all stops tomorrow, the Brit School helped me become who I am, and do what I want on my own terms, and not feel pressured by other people to be a certain way or do a certain thing,  not only in music but in day-to-day things, as well."

In that same interview, Adele mentioned becoming a mom a second time, as part of an explanation of why she felt absolutely no pressure to lose weight and confirm to the "ideal" image of what a pop star should look like.

"Knowing me," she laughed, "I’d lose all the weight, get pregnant and then get all the weight back on straightaway...so I can’t be bothered!