Last night's ABC The Bachelor was another interesting show.  Brad and his remaining hopefuls traveled to Anguilla for a round of dates.  The group date consisted of 3 women: Michelle, Ashley H. and Chantal (aka "The Slapper").  The ladies participated in a photo shoot for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.Who Took it Off:  Ashley and Chantal gave in to the pressure and took their tops off but Michelle did not.  Michelle did manage to turn the heat up for her photo shoot though which in turn ticked the other two off.  To see video of the beach scene go to Eonline.

Who Went Home:  Britt went on a one-on-one date and didn't make it out with a rose.   Brad already knew who he was sending home so he skipped the cocktail party and went straight into handing out roses.  Michelle was sent home.  She went quietly, I mean REALLY quietly.  She didn't speak a word, not even in the limo ride to where ever it is that they go when they are sent home.  I kind of hated to see Michelle go.  I had grown fond of her cut through the crap communication skills.

Next week's episode is hometown date time for: Ashley H., Chantal, Emily and Shawntel.