Anyone who lives in this town knows that Arkansas has a special place in the weird and the unusual. I live in Texarkana, Ark., and have heard many people mispronounce Tex-ar-kana. And the state itself is filled with many unusual names.

Arkansas was first established by the French and they took names from the Native American Indian tribes to come up with the names of these interesting towns -- most of which are easily mispronounced by those not in-the-know.

I thought it would be neat to see the "most mispronounced towns in Arkansas."

1. Fouke: "Fowke" No, it doesn't rhyme with poke. Fouke is a town we all know and love and is famous for the Fouke monster sightings -- even drawing national attention.

2. Dierks: Is it Dirks or Dierks like an oil dierk? I have a been told it can be pronounced either way. Help me out here.

3. Ouachita: Wash-i-ta is a lake, river and mountain range in Arkansas. It is also a Native American tribe. It is probably the most mispronounced area in Arkansas. Most new weather guys on the Shreveport stations butcher it every time.

4. Siloam Springs:  I have no idea, really. The Springs part is easy enough but how do you pronounce it? This city shares a border with Oklahoma, and is in the Cherokee Nation Territory.

5. Toilette City: I know what you're thinking. It is not pronounced like the bathroom fixture it's actually Toy-lett with emphasis on the last syllable.

Did we leave any off of this list? Comment and let us know.