Things are a little slow here at the office so I just figured I would write "10 things you did not know about me" for our website.

1. There is a joke around the office that Mario (a DJ on our sister station) and I get mistaken for each other way too much. Mario is of Mexican-American descent. But for the record, here is a breakdown of my nationality. My mother is Japanese, actually from Okinawa, Japan. My late father was German, Irish, Dutch and two different kinds of American Indian. So that makes me a true American.

2. My radio career started at 18 and has been in a very weird order. At 18, I was playing classical music for a college station. At 19, I played soft rock and did a late night dedication show. At 20, I played oldies, and now in my mid 40s I am playing pop music for all of you out there in radio land.

3. I hate raisins. Since my early childhood I have always hated raisins. One of my coworkers tried for weeks to slip a raisin in some snacks she would give me. When it was unsuccessful she just gave me a box of Raisinettes and told me that one day I would appreciate them.

4. I ate eight Taco Tico tacos when I was 10 on a dare from my cousin. We were at the  Taco Tico on New Boston Road way back in the day. They were spicy and oh so good. I sure do miss that place.

5. Being from a pretty diverse background, I have family all around the world. My grandmother is 96 and is still living in Okinawa, Japan. I have uncles and aunts and cousins who live in Japan as well. The last time I saw them was right after I got married in 2006. Most of my wife's family are just 30 minutes down the road in Cass County.

6. I have a scar on my eyebrow from a baseball. The injury happened when I was just 12 and was an aspiring pitcher in Little League in Wake Village. I threw a curveball that didn't curve and the batter, Ross, (yes, I still remember his name) hit it right back at me. The ball glanced off my glove then my head. It then went all the way to the fence. After that I worked very hard on perfecting that curveball.

7. I am a Pittsburgh Steeler Fan. I have been a fan for quite some time. I can remember getting grief for it back in the third grade when everyone at school had on blue and silver Dallas Cowboy gear walking the halls.

8. If you asked people who knew me in grade school they would never tell you I would be a DJ. I was pretty quiet through most of my grade school years. It wasn't until middle school that the shy boy went away. I actually credit Taekwondo with making me a more confident kid.

9. My biggest fear is public speaking. I know you are saying, "But you are on the radio," yes, I am but I am only talking to Mimi and JW and not looking at all the eyes that are fixed on you when you speak in public. My public speaking teacher in college helped so much in getting me to focus on the back of the room and make only occasional eye contact with folks. It really does help with the nerves, especially in crowds of folks I do not know.

10. My dog, Maggie, is a rescue. I have always had dogs and as anyone who listens to the station knows we have a big heart for the forgotten dogs in our local shelter. I actually have to put part of the blame on Mimi. When my wife and I were dating, Mimi shared a photo of this poor, yellow Lab to my wife and told her all about her story. Well, almost 10 years later, Maggie is now a big part of my home.

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