A recent Google survey reveals the 10 worst things you can use for your passwords.

According to the study, pets names, important dates, your child's name, and other family members names. We all know that a combination of capital letters and other numbers and symbols are the best password combinations that we need to use, but we have passwords for everything, even to get into your phone.

And in our company they want us to change our passwords every three months and they have these silly rules that you cannot use the password from the previous quarter, which makes it difficult to keep up with all of your passwords. Here is a list of the ten worst passwords. Do you have a password on the list.

1. The names of your pets.

2. Important dates, like wedding anniversaries.

3. A family member's birthday.

4. Your child's name.

5. Another family member's name.

6. Your hometown.

7. Your favorite holiday.

8. Something related to your favorite sports team.

9. Your significant other's name.

10. The word "password."