We're right in the middle of a pandemic, each day many of us are trying to do the right thing by wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing. However, feeling somewhat confined, we're all looking for something safe and fun to do without compromising our health.

I have just the thing for you, it's been referred to as the redneck Disneyland. Thomas Falls Zip-Line and Outdoor Adventures near Longview, Texas is transformed in the month of October to the Zombies and Creatures of the Night Zip-Line adventure tour. Remember, zombies only come at night that's why it's important to make a reservation now in order to ride. Darkness will never be the same after zipping through the wooded treetops and over the lake in East Texas. A not-so-scary zipline is available during the daylight. But once it gets dark...lookout!

At Thomas Falls you'll experience the creatures maze, don't get lost in here! The Tomb of the Dead Mausoleum and Mysterious Gravity Defying Barn, gravity takes over, and nothing seems as it should be. Visitors can also enjoy an old fashioned wagon ride around the lake and wooded area.

The Zombies and Creatures of the Night Tour is now open until Halloween Oct. 31. Make a reservation now, if you dare by calling 903-968-6924 or visit their Facebook page. Limited availability, so the sooner you make a reservation the better chance you have of getting a ticket. Thomas Falls is about 90 minutes from Texarkana located on Hwy 259 North.   55543 US Highway 259 North55543 US Highway 259 North43 US Highway 259 North

(Reminder: All visitors must adhere to state rules regarding COVID-19 and wear a mask when riding the zipline or any other activity).

At Thomas Falls cabins are also available for rent near the lake. Camping is also allowed.

The Zombies and Creatures of the Night Tour. Are you brave enough to take the tour?

More information on their website.

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