You've seen cars driving down the road with a personal license plate that may have your name on it or stickers that may represent a child's name. Did you know you could put your family at risk to criminals by divulging too much personal information?

The Texarkana Texas Police Department wants you know about the types of stickers and license plates that could put your family at risk.


Many of you may have different feelings about this good or bad but in this day and age it's better to be safe than sorry. I personally, wouldn't put any stickers on my vehicle but that's just me.

Here's a couple of responses from the TTPD Facebook page.

Angela Jones

Thank you!! Or these people who puts cute little seasonal signs or birthday signs in the yard with kids names on them. Last thing I want is a stranger knowing my kids name.

Amy White

Baby on board: Mama Bear instincts. Will protect family at any cost. Try me.
Hunting sticker: can shoot & kill a deer from 1/4 mile away and field dress it. Try me.
Oil field spouse: I am a self-sufficient wife who knows how to fix things and why things might be broken. I stay prepared.
Sports schedules: my children also have good aim and can swing a bat or take a knee, hand or spiked shoe to any semi round object. Protect yourself. And don't make me late for my next event.
Now that one is priceless!


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