I haven’t posted a “Baby Addy” update in a while so I thought I would catch everyone up to speed.

She is now 6 months old and extremely busy! Sitting up, eating from a spoon (LOVES her baby food!!), “talking” all the time, starting to drink from a sippy cup, loves to watch her bubba (our son who is 4) and laughs at anything he does.

She has discovered cartoons. Mickey Mouse fascinates her to the point she will stop what she is doing to sit and watch it for several minutes at a time. She is constantly doing something new which tells me her little brain is continuously absorbing everything.




For the most part she is sleeping through the night, as long as she gets her belly full before going to bed.  We have discovered her tickle spots and it is so much fun to lay in the floor with her and listen to her laugh! Her big brother thinks she is pretty cool too and is so much help. He loves to feel like he is taking care of her or “My Addy” as her often refers to her. Needless to say things around our house are never dull or quiet for that matter.